The Round-Up: Tuesday

Sheldon Solow’s lawsuit may deter potential bidders from making an offer on rival developer Harry Macklowe’s GM Building. [NY Times]

Tenants of Kent Street building worry about their future, after the goverment-ordered evacuation forced them from their apartments over the weekend. [NY Times]

New, hidden versions of skid row emerge in neighborhoods with illegal boarding houses, thanks to referrals from the city’s Department of Homeless Services. [NY Times]

Historian questions whether Robert Kennedy’s contributions to New York warrant Gov. Spitzer’s plan to rename the Triborough Bridge after him. [NY Times]

City officials will try again to have the 122-year-old pier near Battery Park restored. [NY Times]

Feeling mislead on home price, a buyer will sue her real-estate agent in North Carolina Supreme Court Monday. Many similar cases are expected to follow. [NY Times]

Notorious Brooklyn landlord now claims he’s doing God’s work with a $40 million tourism project in Israel. [NY Post]

Realty Check: RFR Realty’s 47,000-square-foot office space at 17 State Street is about to go on the market. [NY Post]

A tale of two Brooklyn’s: wealthy residents bring amenities and reduced crime rates to some neighborhoods in the borough, but not all. [NYDN]

A team of truck-drivers start a volunteer crime fighting patrol in Brownsville and East New York. [NYDN]

St. Vincent’s Hospital’s expansion scheme is expected to come under fire from West Village community groups at the first public hearing tonight. [NY Sun]

The Round-Up: Tuesday