The Round-Up: Wednesday

Gains in New York property values are expected to flatten out to their lowest levels since the beginning of the Bloomberg administration. [NY Times]

A contractor involved in Monday’s accident at Trump Soho has a history of safety violations on other Manhattan worksites. [NY Times]

Bankrupt art dealer asks to sell his Upper East Side townhouse to pay off creditors. [NY Times]

Citigroup’s announcement of $9.83 billion in fourth quarter losses last year raises anxiety over the rest of the economy. [NY Times] 

Following huge mortgage related losses, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch announced they were raising $19.1 million from parties including New Jersey’s big public pension fund. [NY Times]

Judge removed himself from hearing an appeal against an earlier ruling in favor of Atlantic Yards Tuesday. [NY Post] 

Four waterfalls will be installed in the city this summer as part of a $15 million project from the Public Art Fund. [NY Post]

A councilman called for the city’s top building official to resign Tuesday for allowing the construction of Trump Soho to continue despite violations. [NY Post]

Tenants of the Bronx building considered to be the birthplace of hip hop plan to reach out to industry giants to fend off real estate developers. [NY Post]   

Bay Ridge church to be torn down and replaced with a smaller chapel and condominiums. [NYDN] 

Queens-born hedge fund titan made billions from the subprime mortgage crisis. [NYDN] 

Christie’s will auction real estate mogul Leona Helmsley’s property. [NY Sun] 

Investigators arrested four construction contractors Tuesday who were accused of trying to bribe safety inspectors. [NY Sun]  

Councilman proposes legislation that would allow city to target property owners who intentionally keep housing vacant. [NY Sun] 

  The Round-Up: Wednesday