This Week in Page Six Magazine…

For those who may have missed yesterday’s Page Six Magazine, here follows a quick rundown of some of the issue’s

For those who may have missed yesterday’s Page Six Magazine, here follows a quick rundown of some of the issue’s highlights:

Just when it started to seem like fresh book ideas from eager-beaver magazine assistants had all been exhausted, Anna Godberson burst upon the literary scene. The 27-year-old writer from Berkeley, Calif., who was an assistant to a literary editor at Esquire for four years after graduating from Barnard, has landed her new teen novel, The Luxe, on the Times best-seller list. Ms. Godberson’s novel, about a teen socialite at the turn of the 20th Century, has allegedly attracted interest “from TV producers, leading to whispers that it could be the next Gossip Girl.”

There’s a new “Round Table” artists’ salon in town. But instead of meeting at the Algonquin, this too-cool-for-school crew—called Artistes Sans Hollywood-X—meets once a month at the West Village’s Pasita wine bar, where leader Cintra Wilson directs discussions on music, literature and art.

In Lydia Hearst’s column this week, the model-heiress writes that arguably-washed-up comedian Pauly Shore introduced her to the Russian and Turkish Baths on 10th Street, where “People leave [famous people] alone and let you relax.” Her mother told her to cancel a TV news interview at a skating rink because “rinks are breeding grounds for infections.” And, finally, Ms. Hearst touts the wonders of Vichy skin crème, which keeps her from getting “wrinkles and cottage cheese.”

According to the “Sixometer,” the World Financial Center’s forthcoming Bob Dylan tribute concert on Jan. 12 is hotter than, in descending order: Daniel Boloud’s new wine bar; the BBC’s Planet Earth DVD series; designer cell phones; Barron Hilton’s naughty Facebook pictures; and the mass exodus of New Yorkers from the city.

“Six in the City”: Rumer Willis still has her credit card statements monitored by famous mother Demi Moore; Karl Lagerfeld dedicated his most recent collection to troubled musician Amy Winehouse, but Harvey Weinstein doesn’t even know who she is; Uma Thurman’s brother, Dechen, is apparently a “prominent Manhattan yoga teacher.”

“Discussions”: Former Gawker editor Emily Gould: “Just because some people can’t keep New Year’s resolutions doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make them.” Post fashion writer Danica Lo: “Offhand whims and overnight decisions rarely stick.”

Profile of Eva Amurri, daughter of Susan Sarandon, suggests that the recent Brown graduate is “ready to take New York and Hollywood—on her own terms.”

Page Six Magazine speculates on whether your neighbors like hearing you have sex or not. This Week in Page Six Magazine…