Torricelli on Hillary

Some New Jersey Democrats are facing the February 5th Presidential Primary with consternation. With three credible and capable candidates it appears to be a difficult choice. It’s actually quite simple.

America cannot afford for the Democratic Party to lose again. The last 8 years have done damage of historic proportions to the United States. The return of soaring deficits is undermining the dollar. The incompetent management of our economy threatens our standard of living. The diversion of military resources to Iraq has undermined the war against terror. Thousands of young Americans are losing their lives in a war best fought by Iraqis themselves. Another decade has been lost dealing with the intractable problems of education, housing, and healthcare. There’s only one Democratic candidate for President with the strength and experience to mount a successful national campaign. Hillary Clinton should be our nominee. No candidate in recent memory has been more thoroughly tested or prepared than Hillary Clinton.

It can be accurately claimed that few substantive issues separate the Democratic candidates. The same cannot be said for their relative effectiveness.

From the moment she assumes the Presidency, Hillary Clinton will be able to rebuild our tattered international relations. She has the knowledge of the federal bureaucracy to decipher the truth from the CIA and military to deal with the war in Iraq. She knows both the government and country well enough to marshal the talents and the ideas to finally confront some of our lingering social problems.

There is no disputing that Barack Obama is a uniquely talented individual. John Edwards appears to have found some new passion in his life for important ideas. Neither begins to genuinely know the country or have the experience to command the resources of the United States government.

Throughout a lifetime I have witnessed a parade of talented people arrive in the Congress. John Edwards served in the Senate for a single term. Little more than three years ago Barack Obama was a State Senator in Illinois. It’s possible that each is such a unique historic figure that they could have learned the nation, its problems, sources of talents and the complexity of its governments to become an effective President. It’s also unnecessary to find out. Hillary Clinton approaches the Presidency with more experience than any potential President in a generation. Her effectiveness begins the day she assumes office.

For New Jersey the choice is made all the simpler. No one from our region of the nation since FDR has assumed the presidency. The consequences of this loss of political power are all around us. Even good Presidents have not understood our unique transportation, environmental, and urban problems. The strengths that Hillary Clinton will bring to the Presidency for America are only compounded for our state.

Hillary Clinton is the right choice.

Torricelli on Hillary