Trivial: Pursuits?

Actually, hold up. For four months now, it’s been accepted that the Journal‘s new glossy how-to-spend-it magazine would be named Pursuits and it would be a monthly (Dow Jones said it, the Times reported it, so did we)

But in a memo yesterday from Marcus Brauchli announcing Tina Gaudoin would be the magazine’s editor he refers to it only as a "high-end lifestyle quarterly magazine." He didn’t call it Pursuits, and more importantly, he revealed the magazine is no longer going to be a monthly. Likewise, in a memo he sent on Jan. 18 that said Robert Frank would be a news editor—and not the editor of the magazine—Brauchli described it as a "magazine about luxury and wealth."

Is a memo about a name change coming up next?

UPDATE: While this item was languishing in cyberspace overnight, Keith Kelly went to press with a report that the name "Pursuits" will indeed be dropped, attributed to a "high level" source. Trivial: Pursuits?