Viva 15 C.P.W.! Goldman C.E.O. Lloyd Blankfein Closes For $26 M.

When Lloyd and Laura Blankfein signed their $26 million contract for a 16th-floor duplex at the not-yet-built 15 Central Park West mega-condo in May 2006, they probably knew that they wouldn’t be closing until 2008.

But they couldn’t have known how much different their world would be: Two days after signing the contract, Mr. Blankfein was made CEO at Goldman Sachs; about 13 months later, Wall Street began to cower and quake as the sub-prime mortgages sent the market downward.

So far, though, Goldman seems to have made it through just fine—which is probably why Mr. Blankfein will have more than a few colleagues in the building. (A reason for the Goldman/15CPW love, perhaps, is that the firm’s Whitehall real estate fund helped develop the building.)

The couple’s purchase deed was filed with the city this afternoon, and public records show they didn’t take out a mortgage. That means they paid in cash: But the $26 million tag is $1,000,000 less than the price Mr. Blankfein has long been rumored to have paid.

Mr. Blankfein’s deal isn’t the only massive purchase to show up in city records today. A posh apartment at Ian Schrager’s 50 Gramercy Park North sold for $12.5 million, and then Jon Tisch sold his duplex to a coffee magnate for $24.75 million. But don’t get fooled into thinking that all is well with New York real estate: the Tisch deal was months in the making; the Schrager apartment had been listed for 13 months; and the Blankfein purchase, after all, is basically 20 months old.

And do the Blankfeins have a chauffeur? In October, 15 Central Park West’s architect, Robert A.M. Stern, told The Observer about the chauffeur’s waiting room in the building: "In a building like that, instead of having all the black-car drivers wandering around in the streets, which is a difficult area, they can park their cars and come in and sit down. I think it’s kind of humane and nice." Viva 15 C.P.W.! Goldman C.E.O. Lloyd Blankfein Closes For $26 M.