We can’t resist this what if….

While it is incredibly unlikely that Bob Menendez will emerge as the Democratic nominee for Vice President, there is no harm in playing out the scenario of how his United States Senate seat would be filled if he were to win.

Menendez’s resignation from the Senate in January 2009 would require Governor Jon Corzine to appoint a new Senator – his second appointment to the same seat, the one he once held. There would be a Special Election in November 2009 to fill the remaining 38 months of Menendez’s term – a contest between the winners of a June 2009 primary.

So in November ’09, there would be three statewide offices on the ballot: U.S. Senator, Governor, and Lieutenant Governor.

And for extreme political junkies: has one Governor ever made two appointments to the same U.S. Senate seat?

Editor's Note: PolitickerNJ.com reader Evan Greenstein says — accurately — that Tom Kean appointed two Senators to the same seat, in 1982. Kean named Republican Nicholas Brady when Harrison Williams resigned after his criminal conviction, and then appointed Frank Lautenberg to fill the final week of Williams' term to give him a jump on seniority.

We can’t resist this what if….