Weinberg likes Menendez for VP

Chalk up another prominent New Jersey politician who thinks Bob Menendez would be a fine vice-presidential pick in the extremely improbable event that Hillary Clinton chooses him as a running mate.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said state Sen. Loretta Weinberg.

Weinberg, who supports Barack Obama, praised Menendez for his recent work on causes like Iraq, the economy and health care.

“I think that the more time he spends on that as opposed to other areas, I think the better US Senator he’s become, and I think that people in New Jersey should be very proud of him,” said Weinberg.

Weinberg said that the U.S. Attorney’s investigation into Menendez in 2006 should not hurt his prospects.

“Well I don’t know that anything is ever officially resolved,” said Weinberg. “Does the US attorney ever say ‘Well I subpoenaed records. Nothing’s wrong. Goodbye’?”

Weinberg also downplayed the role that geography plays on a presidential ticket, noting that Al Gore lost his home state of Tennessee in 2000.

Newark Councilman Anibal Ramos, a Clinton supporter, also likes the idea of a Vice President Menendez.

“I think Menendez is a great example of someone who exemplifies the successful immigrant story in this country,” Ramos said (Menendez’s parents fled Cuba’s Batista regime shortly before his birth).

Ramos said that he hopes Menendez’s name wasn’t leaked as a potential pick just to sway New Jersey’s large Latino population to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“I would hope that’s not the case. I think Menendez should be on just about every Democratic nominee’s short list just because of the things we’ve spoken about before,” he said.

Weinberg likes Menendez for VP