Weinberg says candidate should send former Prez home

Women state legislators supporting Barack Obama for President stood together at Democratic State Committee headquarters in Trenton on Monday to put a collective exclamation point on their endorsement of the Illinois senator.

Senators Shirley Turner and Loretta Weinberg; and Assemblywomen Linda Greenstein, Elease Evans, Cleopatra Tucker and L. Grace Spencer said Obama is the candidate best equipped to deliver change.

"It’s not about being black and it’s not about being a woman, it’s about being a person who brings about attitude and inspiration," said Spencer.

Weinberg said based on former President Bill Clinton’s performance in South Carolina, Sen. Hillary Clinton should "send him back to Chappaqua."

Clinton’s comments included his likening Obama’s South Carolina showing to African American presidential contender Jesse Jackson’s successful 1980s efforts in the same state, where the Democratic Party electorate is at least 50% black.

Weinberg, a former town councilwoman in Teaneck, said, "I never let my husband go to our local council meetings," lest he rush to her defense in the face of public criticism.

Brendan Gilfillan, spokesman for the Clinton campaign in New Jersey, pointed out that Jackson himself today indicated he did not believe Clinton’s comments were out of bounds.

Assembly Majority Leader Bonnie Watson Coleman, a supporter of Clinton's candidacy, likewise defended the former president.

"I think he should be on the campaign trail with his wife," she said. "I know Bill Clinton, and I know he wouldn't play the race card. What he plays is politics." Weinberg says candidate should send former Prez home