Wolfson: 'The Agreement Is Off'

COLUMBIA, S.C.—Howard Wolfson just walked out of a debate-prep session into the lobby of a local Hilton and was handed a phone. It was Representative Corrine Brown of Florida.

The Congresswoman was apparently upset about the Obama campaign’s decision to air television ads in Florida—she was watching TV when one of the ads came on—despite a pledge signed by the Democratic candidates not to campaign there to punish the state for violating Democratic National Committee rules.

“The ban is off—the agreement is off,” Wolfson said.

He listened for a beat as the Congresswoman told him of her desire to invite Hillary for some last-minute appearances in Florida, and he said, “Then you can say, ‘I hope that Senator Clinton comes down here.’”

After Wolfson got off the phone, I asked him if Obama had violated the pledge. “He clearly violated the pledge,” he said.

Wolfson: 'The Agreement Is Off'