Would You Like an Eclair With That, Ladies? Fashion-Firm Babes Flashed by Balthazar Boy

On Thursday, Jan. 3, the fashionable ladies who work for the high-end apparel company Loeffler Randall at 525 Broadway in SoHo ordered lunch from Balthazar Bakery, as they frequently do. A delivery man arrived with their food; he was paid and thanked.

Half an hour later, one of the girls encountered the man milling about the hallway “with his wiener hanging out,” said a source at the company.

The flashing incident is still providing fodder for water-cooler conversations around the building, which houses various fashion firms, including Vanessa Von Bismarck’s. As the story goes, the Loeffler Randall employee, who had been fully dressed in skinny jeans and a pair of the house’s sexy boots, boldly confronted the delivery man and his manhood. “She asked him what the hell he was doing,” said the source, laughing. “Then he just ran off.”

According to this insider, an anonymous manager at Balthazar reacted nonchalantly after being informed of the disturbance, asking a translator to debrief the delivery man, who was Latino, and then reported matter-of-factly that the latter had merely been “zipping up his fly.”

“The food had been delivered a half an hour earlier!” said the source.

“I was not here but I did read the report,” said Balthazar delivery manager Cisco Mendez when contacted by the Transom. He said the delivery man in question claimed “he was not exposing himself at all, he was actually fixing his shirt but he had no belt so it might seemed that he was doing something. I told him that that’s not the right way to do it. You go into a bathroom or a private place where people can’t see you.” In any event: “We definitely reprimanded him on the issue. He is not allowed to go back in that building at all in the future.”

As of this writing, no reparations in the form of, say, free pastries have been made. “We still eat there,” said the source. “But we don’t order!” Would You Like an Eclair With That, Ladies? Fashion-Firm Babes Flashed by Balthazar Boy