A Bloomberg '08 Supporter Thinks There's Still Lots of Time

One Michael Bloomberg-for-President supporter, at least, thinks the mayor still has plenty of time to declare his candidacy.

Even though Doug Bailey of Draft Bloomberg said the mayor would have to make a decision before February 18 (he admits it’s an arbitrary date), Jon Fisher, a California-based entrepreneur and Bloomberg guy, says that with the help of business people like him, the mayor could wait longer.

I spoke to Fisher over the weekend after he reached out to me. “I don’t share the opinion that [announcing early] is of paramount importance," he told me over the phone.

Fisher thinks that getting on the ballot may be important, but making a public announcement is not.

"I appreciate the various deadlines to get on state ballots," he said, adding that if Bloomberg decides to run, "a mechanism has to be in place."

He explained that this was already the case. "My opinion is that the mayor and those around him have set up the infrastructure to enable him to make a decision at the last possible moment, to enable him the most flexibility,” he said, adding, “I think he could take at least another month.”

Fisher said he’s meeting with business people in California about a Bloomberg candidacy, and he emailed later to tell me, “Michael Bloomberg may not be as photogenic, he may not have as much star power but at the end of the day he’s a consummate professional who we desperately need in the White House.” A Bloomberg '08 Supporter Thinks There's Still Lots of Time