A Bloomberg Drafter, Undaunted

I chatted online last night with Andrew MacRae, one of the people who actively tried drafting Michael Bloomberg into the presidential race.

Here’s how it went:

Andrew: “It’s difficult enough to take a stand for something like this – let alone when it finally becomes more apparent.”

Me: “How so?”

Andrew: “Since I began this, people have been telling me that it wasn’t going to happen. Most of the time I simply attributed this to their lack of vision, their inability to see opportunity for true change. Three months of no pay later, they were right: for most people this is a conditioned response. A nonpartisan candidate can’t win because it has never happened before, therefore it is impossible.”

Me: "Do you feel it was a mistake to support him?”

Andrew: “Absolutely not. He is the best possible candidate. The city-wide reporting tool, the electronic medical records, the schools, green-affordable housing, green taxi fleet … by and large I can’t wait for the day that all of America catches up with what Mike Bloomberg was able to do for NYC in just a few years.”

A Bloomberg Drafter, Undaunted