A Brooklyn Hillary Supporter Explains Obama's Brooklyn Appeal

Former City Councilwoman Una Clarke, a Clinton supporter, is organizing a major event tonight in Flatbush, in part as a counter-demonstration of the strong support Barack Obama seems to have in that part of Brooklyn.

Clarke, who said that the details are not finalized for the event, tried explaining to me Obama’s local appeal.

“Ethnic groups support ethnic groups,” she said. “I never could have been elected to public office unless the Caribbean-American community willed that I be their elected official. So, I don’t blame other people. The Caribbean-American community saw in me a new voice to advance their aspirations and blacks, especially young blacks, may see Barack as a president who could advance their aspirations.”

She added, “In many ways people get quite emotional and do not quite analyze the political environment as well.”

Referring to those kinds of Obama supporters, Clarke said, “I wouldn’t blame them at all. It took me a long time to grow into understanding how public policy and politics really work.”

A Brooklyn Hillary Supporter Explains Obama's Brooklyn Appeal