Barack Obama Soaks Up More Indie Cred

Barack Obama has really been raking in the indie cred: Scarlet Johansson, Bright Eyes, Morrissey! Add to that list Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie, who was in New York promoting his new solo album late last week when he told MTV News that he’d jumped on the bandwagon, and would be supporting Mr. Obama in the Democratic primaries.

“I certainly don’t remember an election like this," he said. "I was motivated in 2004, but I was motivated from a place of disgust and fear. Whereas this time, I really feel motivated from a place of possibility. And all of those terms, Obama has sort of picked them out of the dictionary and put them out there — possibility and optimism and change. It’s so refreshing, even though it’s turned into a bandwagon for the other candidates to jump on. Like, what an awesome bandwagon for everyone to jump on!

"It’s been sad for me, but I’ve had a real problem being able to get behind Senator [Hillary] Clinton in any real way, particularly over the last couple months," he continued. "Six months ago, I would’ve told you I would’ve been thrilled to cast my vote for her, but the way her campaign has unfolded is so wrong to me. The mailers that have gone out in a couple of the primaries calling into question Obama’s record on choice are particularly phony, and for her to try to attack him over that is counterproductive for politics; it’s counterproductive to the cause. In policy terms, she’s an excellent leader, but I feel that the way she’s playing this game is so old, and the rulebook she’s drawing from is so outdated, that it isn’t translating to me, it’s alienating to me."

Harsh words for Hillary! But at least she still has the support of, um…Ugly Betty? Barack Obama Soaks Up More Indie Cred