Bill Bradley on Clintons and 'Full Disclosure'

Barack Obama supporters just held a conference call with reporters to discuss health care, pushing the idea that Obama’s plan, unlike someone else’s, isn’t a big government mandate. But right before it ended, a reporter from Washington slipped in an off-topic question: tax returns.

Barack Obama released his and Hillary Clinton hasn’t (which the New York Times editorialized about this morning).

Former Senator Bill Bradley, in a capable bit of segueing, said, “I think this is part of a larger issue that actually affects healthcare, and it is full disclosure.  There is an issue of full disclosure of income tax returns. There’s also an issue of full disclosure of what a mandate will cost. And she has not made a full disclosure of that nor her income tax returns.”

He went on to say, “And as long as we’re on the issue of full disclosure, President Clinton hasn’t revealed who were the contributors to his presidential library while he was still in office.” Bill Bradley on Clintons and 'Full Disclosure'