Bloomberg, Cuomo, Perez

“It was a brilliant publicity ploy,” the Financial Times writes about Michael Bloomberg’s presidential flirtations.

Without Bloomberg, the only presidential candidate who supports carbon taxes is…Ralph Nader.

Bloomberg drafter Doug Bailey throws in the towel.

Andres Duque has Barack Obama’s letter to LGBT Latinos.

Duque also explains how Rep. Jose Serrano is trying to protect gay rights.

Gabe Sherman parses Mark Penn’s words.

Larry Littlefield, Jerry Skurnik, Chris Owens and others discuss petitioning.

Phil Anderson understands why the Working Families Party is leaning towards Democratic challenger Dan Squadron over incumbent Marty Connor.

Steve Harrison beat Domenic Recchia for the endorsement of Staten Island Democrats [fixed].

Eiot Brown follows Eliot Spitzer’s plans for the Javits Center.

The Catholic Courier picks up on opposition to Spitzer’s new abortion bill.

Andrew Cuomo is investigating college text books.

Cuomo’s investigation of Comcast gets noticed by Newsweek (but Cuomo people don’t tell Newsweek much about it).

Hillary Clinton has a new ad targeting women.

Richard Galen writes, “I DO want Mike Bloomberg to run and I want him to win enough electoral votes to throw the whole thing to the House and Senate, if only to have California, New York and Texas howl with outrage as their delegations are given the same weight as Delaware, Wyoming and Alaska in the process.”

ADDED: Mark Penn says the scary new Hillary ad is positive.


And above is Roberto Perez, the host of the online radio show Perez Notes. At the top of his guest wish-list: Christine Quinn.

Bloomberg, Cuomo, Perez