Bloomberg, Wolfson, Gatemouth

Carl Lavin of Forbes thinks things like the Times story about McCain could “breathe new life into Bloomberg’s 2008 ambitions.”

Clinton supporter Mike McMahon said “What losses? Did she lose something?”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign ended last month $7.6 million in debt.

In a story entitled “Right rallies to McCain’s side,” Politico runs an email from Rush Limbaugh criticizing the Times for its decision to run the big McCain story. But the email, in fact, isn’t actually all that sympathetic to McCain either.

Eliot Spitzer redid his web site, complete with at least one kid-friendly picture.

Pink News takes an uncomplicated angle on a Christine Quinn story.

Get ready to find out who’s behind a pro-Hillary 527 group.

Howard Wolfson explains why Clinton is charging interest on a loan she made to the campaign.

If the Barack Obama for president narrative really was made for TV.

In the comments section, Gatemouth questions Paul Newell’s call for Clinton to drop out. “Since Hillary is as likely to respond to emails from Obama supporters as she is to go on a girl’s nite out with Monica Lewinsky, the only logical reason for Newell to do this would be to help his campaign.”

Bloomberg, Wolfson, Gatemouth