Candidates on Castro, Huckabee Stays On

Barack Obama’s statement on Castro indicates a willingness to end the embargo. [Naked Politics]

Here is Hillary Clinton’s statement. [Hillary Clinton]

And John McCain’s. [The Page]

Roger Simon says the Clinton campaign is courting pledged delegates. [Politico]

Obama wants John Edwards “deeply involved” in whatever he does. [Wash Post]

Ben and Jerry endorse Obama, which includes free “Cherries for Change” ice cream distributed by “ObamaMobiles” in Vermont. [AP]

Al Hunt defends the concept of superdelegates: “This is peer review.” [Bloomberg]

“Do the right thing,” says Spike Lee while backing Obama. [AP]

“Troopergate was a house afire months ago, but is now a bunch of dying embers, primarily because a slow-moving bureaucracy has gotten its hands on it.” [Democrat & Chronicle]

Simcha Felder weighs in on the superdelegate issue. [Liz]

Carrie Budoff Brown finds that Democratic and Republican consultants find Obama’s use of Devall Patrick’s speech “sloppy.” [Politico]

Although the press at large seems to think there isn’t any real plagiarism going on. [Ambinder]

Froma Harrop thinks that political centrists—types who voted for John Kerry—are going to migrate to John McCain. [RCL]

Unions endorse Jon Powers in his bid to unseat Congressman Tom Reynolds. [Albany Project]

“In Texas, we don’t cut and run,” says a conservative who is sticking with Mike Huckabee. [Houston Chronicle]

Huckabee, himself, however, realizes it might be killing his political career. [Political Radar]

Finally, Huckabee gets his own musical web video. Sung by a high pitched female voice, the chorus repeatedly notes, “He’s got high hopes.” [Jonathan Martin]


Candidates on Castro, Huckabee Stays On