Carrion Announces Campaign Co-Chairs

The co-chairs for Adolfo Carrion’s comptroller campaign will be former state comptroller H. Carl McCall and business executive Leo Hindrey Jr. of InterMedia Partners, the campaign announced this morning.

Hindrey, the former C.E.O. of the YES Network (which broadcasts Yankees games) also helped raise money for another Bronx politician seeking citywide office: Fernando Ferrer, who ran for mayor in 2005.

During an interview with Hindrey back then, Greg Sargent asked, “Isn’t your real campaign function to make Ferrer acceptable to the white business establishment?”

Hindrey said that description was “fine.”

As far as comptroller endorsements go, McCall’s is a good one to get, as he served as New York State Comptoller from 1993 until 2003. (And I don’t think city Comptroller Bill Thompson is getting involved in the crowded fight to succeed him.)

While it might seem premature for the the 2009 races, this kind of announcement is usually made early–especially when other candidates, like Melinda Katz, have been publicizing their union support and campaign infrastructure for some time.

Also running for the seat are David Weprin, David Yassky, Simcha Felder and Jim Brennan.

Carrion Announces Campaign Co-Chairs