Cathy Horyn On Armani: 'I'm Always Betwixt And Between On What To Do'

In Milan, where fashion week is currently underway, Giorgio Armani recently decided to ban Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn from his show, which took place last night. Aside from the 73-year-old designer’s apparent displeasure with Mr. Horyn’s write up of events preceding the show (and, perhaps, an unflattering comment she made about one of his trousers last year), the real reason for his decision has been a matter of speculation. Filing a dispatch from the northern Italian city, The Daily has just provided additional details and developments concerning the exile.

“As Cathy Horyn said in her blog, her couture review contained remarks that were simply gratuitous and offensive to friends and family,” said Robert Triefus, the fashion label’s global head of communications. “As to the timing of receipt of the letter the day before the show, it was convenient to have a letter hand delivered to her hotel on arrival in Milan. Enough said.” Responding to the snub, the fashion writer wrote a blog entry, in which she stated: “I don’t really buy any of it, though–not the delay and certainly not the old-fashioned practice of restricting journalists (in a digital age) from shows.”

As of this afternoon’s Ferragamo show, Ms. Horyn said she was still unsure as to whether or not she would review Mr. Armani’s collection. “The only show I can remember reviewing that I didn’t go to is Dolce & Gabbana,” she told the ragtrade publication. “I’m always betwixt and between on what to do. It’s not a journalistic question but a matter of what’s in the public domain. There is so much that I want to write about and only so much I can cover so I tend to focus only on the things I want to cover.” Cathy Horyn On Armani: 'I'm Always Betwixt And Between On What To Do'