Celebrity Stumpers: In Which Ugly Betty Star Does A Dance Called 'Hillary'

Warning to those affected by motion sickness—now is the time to pop a Dramamine.

Beyond all the jiggles and giggles, the nougat at the core of this promo clip—a sewing-circle interview of Hillary Clinton conducted by Traveling Pants sister Amber Tamblyn, Ugly Betty star America Ferrera and the inside of her mouth (Chelsea Clinton is apparently there, too)—is d’lish.

After an obligatory joke about Ms. Ferrera’s first name, Ms. Tamblyn—who, fittingly here, is the daughter of Twin Peaks actor Russ Tamblyn—starts the “question-and-answer thing” by launching a hardball query: “What would you say to people who feel peer pressure to vote for Barack Obama, because he’s portrayed as a revolutionary candidate?”

To this, the senator from New York says something quasi-flattering about Mr. Obama before ditching the lamb suit. After all, déjà vu is a dish best served cold. “We need someone who actually has the experience to bring about the change,” Ms. Clinton says.

Next up: Ms. Ferrera gives Katie Couric a run for her money. No, really. “Senator Clinton, my question for you is less about policy and more about your upbringing. What advice did your mother give you that you never forgot? That was the best advice to get you through all of the difficult times when you’ve put yourself in the line of fire?” she asks.

It doesn’t take Ms. Clinton long to recall her mother’s words of advice. And here’s why: “From the moment I was just a really little girl, she said, ‘You have to believe in yourself. You have to know that you’re the only person who can get up every morning and decide how you feel about yourself and how you feel about the world. And you have to really respect what you can do in life. And what you care about and what you do may not be what your friends care about or do, and at the end of the day, do you want to be the lead actor in your own life, or do you want to play a bit part in somebody else’s life?’”

Curiously prophetic, long-winded and even a little hip, right? “She actually said that!” Ms. Clinton insists, dispersing the awkward cloud, if momentarily.

While discussing the pressure on women to lose weight, Ms. Clinton remembers to mention her recent appearance on a talk show hosted by America’s most prolific maker of top models, Tyra Banks, who, the politico says, “is being picked at and criticized.” But that can be solved, she adds, by telling “‘em all to go jump in the lake.” (‘Em, as everyone knows, hates water. Like a cat.)

But the clip’s pièce de résistence is yet to come. For Ms. Ferrera hasn’t even shown off her “Hillary Dance”—an impressive concert of movements, it involves raising the arms to a 90-degree angle, hopping, shrieking and turning around in a circle. This is apparently repeated until exhaustion sets in or Mr. Obama gets the nomination. Only time will tell. Celebrity Stumpers: In Which Ugly Betty Star Does A Dance Called 'Hillary'