Chelsea, Toohey, Hevesi

Harold Ickes compares Barack Obama to Jesse Jackson.

Chris Bowers wonders why Ralph Nader’s third presidential bid is getting so much attention. 

Dean Pagani briefly wonders if Ralph Naders entry into the presidential race opens up the chance for Michael Bloomberg to be someone’s vice presidential candidate.

The Financial Times says that Barack Obama and John McCain agree on global warming, carbon taxes, Guantanamo Bay, immigration. but disagree sharply on Iraq.

Lloyd Grove takes a lengthy look at Chelsea Clinton.

Hakeem Jeffries and Karim Camara, both Obama supporters, don’t want superdelegates to decide the Democratic presidential nomination.

Andrew Hevesi reportedly opposes congestion pricing because it would pay for mass transit upgrades.

Dennis Day thinks the February 5 under-reporting of Barack Obama’s votes in New York is a very big deal.

Ryan Toohey is “Spitzer’s field general” in upstate politics.

City comptroller candidates write to Gotham Gazette about the city’s budget.

Phil Anderson likes Eric Schneiderman’s piece in the Nation.

Efforts to redesign the Stapleton home port on Staten Island are drawing little interest.

Adam Clayton Powell IV isn’t impressed with Eric Gioia’s carbon-neutral campaign.

David Seifman’s piece about parking placards for a synagogue on the Upper East Side gets picked up by a Jewish blogger.

And Andrew Farkas’ company makes a major investment in Greek megayacht marina. Chelsea, Toohey, Hevesi