Christine Quinn and the City Clerk Vote

So, the leading candidate for the position of city clerk is Hector Diaz, but the vote that would have confirmed him last month was delayed. The vote is now set for Wednesday and there’s strong opposition from Brooklyn City Council members, because the last city clerk was from their borough, while Diaz is from the Bronx.

One person I spoke to, who is allied with Christine Quinn, told me that the official with the most at stake over this vote is the Speaker.

“I think this is going to be seen as a vote, not on Hector Diaz, but a vote on Chris Quinn,” said the source. “[Her allies are] hard-pressed to allow the Speaker, with two years left, to be undermined."

The source went on, “It’s about [Brooklyn Democratic Leader] Vito Lopez and the Brooklyn delegation feeling like they’re disrespected and that Victor [Robles, the outgoing City Clerk, from Brooklyn] did a good job. [They are saying], ‘If you’re going to take it away from Brooklyn, give us something else, so we don’t look impotent.’

“I think if there’s a bloc of ‘no’ votes, I think people will say it is destabilizing to the Speaker. And it’s not in anybody’s interest in the Council, to have a destabilized speaker with two years remaining. Listen, we know that term limits and [the fact that] Christine’s running for mayor create lots of angst, and the wheels come off the car on their own, you know?

"I don’t think we can afford to do anything to expedite that process.” Christine Quinn and the City Clerk Vote