Clinton ground troops ready for evening push in Newark

Skies are clearing over Newark’s Broad Street now after a brief rain and brief lull in the action, as Hillary Clinton’s troops get ready for a last mobilization into the streets to corral after-work voters.

“They’ll be going door to door and out to the train station,” says Lionel Leach, Clinton’s point of contact in the N.J. Teacher’s Union building that was converted into Clinton campaign HQ a couple of weeks ago.

There are about ten or eleven active phone bankers, and a dozen or more workers prepared to receive their packets and head out the door.

“Guys, everyone, in about ten minutes, we’re going to have a meeting, we’re going to shut the phones down to get ready for the next push,” Leach says. “We’re going to go for the knockout.”

The internal polls on both sides after the morning and afternoon action show Clinton maintaining about a five or six point lead in New Jersey. It’s four hours until poll closing time and the mood is grim.

“You’re not tired, are you?” Leach asks the group.

“We just look that way,” says a voice in the small crowd.

They’re going out to South Orange, West Orange, Nutley and parts of Newark. Answering phones between calmly giving directions, Leach finishes his remarks for the moment and another man steps up to face the group.

“I’m not from here,” says Charles Johnson, organizer with the American Federation of Teachers. “This is not about me. This is about you. Look at Newark. You know your leadership has failed you.”

BELOW: Clinton campaign worker Jackie Teel in Clinton HQ.

Clinton ground troops ready for evening push in Newark