Clinton machine fully operational in Trenton

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s GOTV effort was in evidence in Trenton this afternoon on West State Street, and up and down the side streets in the vicinity of the State Capitol, where groups of people with clipboards and “Hillary” buttons worked their respective districts.

Upstairs in headquarters, Clinton campaign spokesman Brendan Gilfillan circulated between two floors in the busy brownstone.

“This is our Mercer County phone bank, and we’re also organizing rides statewide out of here,” said Gilfillan, stepping away from the front room on the third floor where nearly a dozenvolunteers were frantically and happily making phone calls for their presidential candidate.

“We’re been at it here since 10 a.m.,” said Gilfillan.

He pointed down the cramped stairs to a closed door on the second floor where a posted sign said. “Restricted access.” That’s the boiler room, where the campaign is monitoring voter activity statewide.

“We’re confident with the results we see so far,” said Democratic Party Chairman and Clinton supporter Joseph Cryan via telephone as he headed up similar ops in Union County.

Clinton machine fully operational in Trenton