Clinton, Nader, Tedisco

A Dallas police officer riding on a motorcycle as part of Hillary Clinton’s security package died in an accident.

In a new ad, Clinton supporter and former Ohio senator John Glenn says, “Hillary will fight to change trade deals like NAFTA.”

Cutting against the storyline after last night’s tame debate that Clinton is preparing the ground for an amicable end to the campaign, she says in an interview that she is going to push to have the Florida and Michigan delegates seated at the Democratic National Convention.

Barack Obama is expected to raise $50 million this month, compared to projections that Clinton will raise between $25 and $30 million.

Get ready for a possible Ralph Nader ‘08 announcement.

The Syracuse Post Standard endorsed Republican state Senate Will Barclay over Democrat Darrel Aubertine for a special election next week that could help Republican Joe Bruno keep his two-seat majority in that house.

Liz checks the weather report up there.

Instead of selling two parcels of land near the Javits Center, Eliot Spitzer could get tons of money from just selling one, reports Eliot Brown.

Clinton bundler and aspiring Republican mayoral nominee John Catsimatidis held a reception for Jim Tedisco.

And Allen Roskoff and others plan to protest outside a Human Rights Coalition dinner tomorrow night in midtown. Clinton, Nader, Tedisco