Cory Booker on the Clinton Machine, Obama 'Freight Train'

EAST RUTHERFORD—Newark Mayor Cory Booker is predicting record Newark voter turnout, and high attendance throughout the state.

“We’ve got another upset coming on Tuesday,” he said. (The Super Bowl metaphors are not gonna stop allllll day!) “We’re back here not to rock the sports world like the Giants just did, we’re here to rock the world!”

“We’re going to be hitting hard as soon as the polls open,” he said.

He had plenty of praise for Hillary Clinton (calling her at one point “a great patriot,” somewhat over-the-toply) but also said that New Jersey voters were over-familiar with the Clintons. “They are the powerful, powerful machine,” he said, in what could have been a line from one of his campaigns against Sharpe James.

But Barack Obama? “It’s like a freight train coming.”

“What is all this drama? What is this race about?” a European reporter asked, meaning the perceptions of actual conflict between Clinton and Obama. “It’s about competition,” Booker said. Duh! One of them is trying to get a nomination. “It’s a competition of ideas,” he said.

Cory Booker on the Clinton Machine, Obama 'Freight Train'