Cryan goes on offense in wake of budget address

Assemblyman Joseph Cryan, state chairman of the Democratic Party, todayderided the reaction of Republican leaders toGov. Jon Corzine's budgetas "all over the map."

"Too many of the Republicans areresorting to the political rhetoric of the past about budget cuts but they want to exempt their own pet projects," said Cryan in a press release. "They aren't justcontradicting each other, they are contradicting themselves. Their budget numbers don't add up and their ideas don't add up."

Thegovernor described his budgetasa "turning point" away from the irresponsible practices of the past. "But the Republicans' want todo a u-turn back to the same politics of the past," Cryansaid.

The state chairmanripped former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan as anti-government to the point of absurdity,and scratched hishead over Assemblyman Gary Chiusano's stated desire to dismantle the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Assemblywoman MarciaKarrow, Cryan added,wants to preserve the Department of Agriculture because it's eliminationwouldn't achieve "real savings," while state Sen. Leonard Lance says property tax reliefcan't be funded and Assembly Minority LeaderAlex Decroce and othersdisagree.

At the same time,Cryan said,Sen. Bill Baronihas vowed to prevent worker reductions, even asSen. JenniferBeck termed all of state government a "bloated pig," but, in Cryan's words,is "treating subsidies for the horse racing industry like a sacred cow."

"Rhetoric about unspecified cuts is only rhetoric, it does nothing to balance the budget books," Cryan said.

"These sameRepublicans not only ignore the state's long-term debt crisis, some of them denyit exists at all," he added."Debt paymentsfor the upcoming year total $2.7 billion, a cost that will only grow in future years if left to itself."

Cryan goes on offense in wake of budget address