Cryan wishes south Jersey Dems had waited

Assemblyman Joe Cryan, the Democratic State Committee chairman and a Clinton supporter, did not condemn the south Jersey Democratic defections to the Obama camp. But he does wish that the two superdelegates who went for Obama would have waited at least two weeks – until after the Ohio and Texas primaries that Clinton is counting on to buoy her campaign.

“I respect their choice, but the election moves on to March 4th, and I think that delegates who made the commitments should hold those until March.”

The two superdelegates who announced their support for Obama today were State Sen. Dana Redd, who had previously backed Clinton, and Democratic National Committeeman Donald Norcross, who was officially uncommitted but was widely assumed to be in the Clinton camp.

Cryan downplayed the effect that the defection would have on Clinton’s national campaign, and said that it was not a black eye for Gov. Corzine, who's led the campaign in New Jersey.

“Having two convention votes change their mind won’t change the results of Ohio or Texas,” he said. “How does it look bad for the Governor? He delivered the state. As a matter of fact I would argue that the strongest winners out of New Jersey politically from the presidential campaign were Bob Menendez, Jon Corzine and Joe Roberts.”

Cryan wishes south Jersey Dems had waited