An incredible quick-draw fantasy artist

Those of us who have stared too long at Francisco Goya’s etching The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (which depicts a swarm of winged beasties descending upon a dozing artist) already know that some very sinister things can be unleashed when we allow our minds to wander. On his website, Daily Monster, graphic artist Stefan G. Bucher turns that idea on its head, demonstrating that even the most grotesque products of our imaginations can be beautiful, too.

Each day, Bucher posts a fresh video of a ghastly critter he illustrates through a process that’s both accidental and intentional: Beginning with a Rorschach smudge, he adds ink and paint embellishments to transform it into a singular, rivetingly repulsive creature. The videos are sped up so the whole process seems to occur in seconds, and while commenters are invited to provide origin stories for the hypothetical fiends, the simulation of life with which these animations imbue them is plenty creepy enough.

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An incredible quick-draw fantasy artist