Dateline Hollywood! Celebrities Go Deep for Dems

Sally Field, dressed in a beige jacket and glasses, pronounced herself blown away. “I have been overwhelmed by how precise and specific her answers are,” she said.

Bradley Whitford, another West Wing actor, said, “I’m supporting Hillary because she has a dirty uniform.” Magic Johnson declared that with Mrs. Clinton as president, “all the world will be happy because all the world will know that America is open for business.”

“We have an amazing constellation of California stars right here,” Mrs. Clinton declared.

After the event, J. T Mollner, a 29-year-old director and Clinton supporter wearing a wool cap and striped sweater, said, “Celebrities give candidates a hip factor. Unfortunately, that is necessary to win.”

After Mrs. Clinton left California, her campaign notified reporters that her biggest celebrity supporter, Bill Clinton, would return before Tuesday’s voting.


AT BARS AND house parties throughout Los Angeles, the beer-fueled conversation focused as much on the tightening California race between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama as on new “projects” or meetings taken. Even paparazzi magnets like Lindsay Lohan, who ate a bowl of soup at Toast on Third Street Saturday afternoon, were for the most part left alone. (“I’m not sure yet,” she said when asked—annoyingly, by this reporter—who she planned to support.)

At a party of independent filmmakers on the night of Feb. 2, one woman said she was sick of everyone talking about Mr. Obama. Another woman who managed writers marveled at Mrs. Clinton’s endurance, but wasn’t sure she wanted to see her in the White House again. A former assistant to Oprah Winfrey stressed how enthusiastic her old boss was for Mr. Obama’s candidacy.

On the morning of Feb. 3, a Sunday, the full power of Ms. Winfrey’s celebrity revealed itself inside the Pauley Pavilion at UCLA, where she was set to make an appearance with Michelle Obama and Caroline Kennedy. As thousands of women filed in—the actor Michael York lazily held an Obama sign in the bleachers—a Jumbotron above the stage showed a music video featuring Scarlett Johansson, Common, and Fresh Prince actress Tatyana Ali singing along to Mr. Obama’s “Yes We Can” speech.

When Ms. Winfrey appeared, dressed in a white shirt and black jacket and pants, the thousands of self-proclaimed “Obama mamas” broke out into pandemonium.

“We are free from the constrictions of gender and race and we can vote as we believe,” she said, adding, “I’m just following my own truth. And that truth has led me to Barack Obama.”

The audience, to judge by its raucous reaction, was impressed.

“She’s an important person and has quite a following,” said Chris Oshima, a judicial assistant from Los Angeles who was in the crowd. “She’s the embodiment of following your own dreams and your own thoughts.”

A few minutes later Ms. Obama came out and spoke, and then, in a surprise, so did Maria Shriver.

But first, Ms. Obama had another tinsel-wrapped present to give.

“Let’s give it up,” she said, “for Mr. Stevie Wonder!”

Dateline Hollywood! Celebrities Go Deep for Dems