DNA Kingpin Buys Last Trump World Tower Condo for $9.7 M.

The bronze-tinted skyscraper Trump World Tower, as trim and stretched and immense as that mysterious monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey, has finally sold its 376th apartment. And it only took seven years.

The DNA guru Dr. William A. Haseltine, the former chairman and CEO of the Human Genome Science pharmaceutical corporation, and a “global influential” more powerful than Oprah (according to Time in 2001), has paid $9.7 million for an 86th-floor apartment at the UN Plaza tower, city records show.

“That’s the last one to sell,” said Debra Stotts, the sales director. “Full, full, full!”

Dr. Haseltine is upgrading to the four-bedroom, 4,719-square-foot condo from a mere 50th-floor apartment in the building, bought two years ago for $3.995 million. That promotion suits the doctor, who is “regarded by many as arrogant, impatient and possessing a ‘titanic ego,’” according to a BBC profile on the “self-styled Renaissance man and multimillionaire socialite.”

Ms. Stotts said Mr. Haseltine’s new condo took so long to sell because of its heroic height. “I think there was still a stigma, a fear of being that high. … We opened it at 9/11”—actually, a bit before September—“so how could you not?”

The biophysicist’s new place has 12-foot ceilings, five bathrooms and a powder room, plus he put in a new floor and moved around some walls. And a neighboring apartment is hitting the market for $22 million, though Dr. Haseltine probably has enough room. “No, he’s single,” Ms. Stotts said. “I think he’s got plenty of room there.” DNA Kingpin Buys Last Trump World Tower Condo for $9.7 M.