We’re only 36 days into 2008, so front runner status doesn’t always been victory – but so far, a press release issued yesterday by the leader of a independent Republican group in Bergen County — called “OBAMA GRANDSTTANDING (sic) ON GIANTS WIN” — may be the worst of the year.

Red Faction Chairman Joseph Caruso said the efforts of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama to campaign in New Jersey today on the backs of the Giants Super Bowl win are emblematic of what’s wrong with the national Democratic Party.”

“The Democrats are all about grabbing cheap headlines and meaningless publicity, not about solving real problems,” said Caruso, who heads a North Jersey conservative political action committee.”

“Caruso said Obama, campaigning with United States Sen. Ted Kennedy at the Izod Arena in the New Jersey Meadowlands in East Rutherford was delivering his message to the wrong people.”

“Sen. Obama should bring his passion and his motivational speaking style to Trenton, where he could perhaps convince his fellow Democrats to stop wasting our state’s money on needless programs and wasteful bureaucracies,” said Caruso.