Elsewhere: Bruno, McCain, Singer

SEIU Local 1199 gives money to Joe Bruno, again.

Andrew Hevesi’s office called Streetsblog to clarify his position on congestion pricing.

Andrew Cuomo is investigating Comcast.

Dan Janison doesn’t seem to think much of the Barack Obama-Peter Sellers comparison made in the Financial Times today.

Joe Bruno thinks there’s something dishonest happening in the 48th state Senate district.

John Koblin notes that there’s a world of information in the new L.A. Times masthead.

The Washington Times reports that the military is nervous about the prospect of President Obama.

Greg Sargent expected nothing less.

Marc Ambinder just can’t see a way back for Hillary Clinton.

Ben wonders where she’s been.

The Clinton campaign couldn’t get an angry letter into the New York Times, so they gave it to the Huffington Post.

Mike Tomasky remembers another time a Hillary Clinton campaign was involved in pushing an embarrassing photo of an opponent, but thinks it’s now time for them to cut it out.

John McCain apologized profusely for the way a conservative radio host referred to Barack Obama.

Phil Singer is really angry.

Jennifer 8 Lee thinks the D.C. Metro system was insulting New York.

And pictured above is Hillary Clinton, from her campaign’s Flickr page.

Elsewhere: Bruno, McCain, Singer