Elsewhere: Clinton, Rangel, Hevesi

On Ralph Nader’s presidential bid, Michael Bloomberg said, “Everybody’s got a right to do it.”

Hillary Clinton is “struggling” to hold off Barack Obama in Texas and Ohio.

Bill Clinton campaigned more than the candidates, and said it would be a shame if Texas caucus-goers overturned the results of Texas primary voters from earlier in the day.

John McCain clarified that remark he said about the United States staying in Iraq for “100 years.”

Michael Tomasky thinks Hillary Clinton should go positive.

Louis Farrakhan offered a very unsolicited endorsement to Barack Obama.

Some of Clinton’s people are questioning Obama’s support of Israel. 

Joe Bruno says he wants Eliot Spitzer to stop playing “dirty tricks” and start governing.

Darrel Aubertine gets a blogger’s endorsement.

In the comments section, Marie defends Andrew Hevesi’s position on congestion pricing.

The Sean Bell trial started today.

Charlie Rangel doesn’t like Liz Benjamin’s line of questioning.

Sheldon Silver likes the idea of a property tax cap.

And pictured above is Chelsea Clinton, cornered by supporters at an event in Austin. Elsewhere: Clinton, Rangel, Hevesi