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Bob Kerrey, a Hillary Clinton supporter, is not on board with the Michigan-and-Florida-delegate tactic. [The Villager]

Christine Pelosi, a daughter of Nancy and a superdelegate, thinks a squabble between the Clinton and Obama campaigns over debates is “dumb.” [Huffington Post]

Ben can’t tell if she’s serious. [Ben Smith’s Politico blog]

Most New York City Council members are not taking a particularly keen interest in their member web pages. [Gotham Gazette]

In Ohio, Michelle Obama does the underdog thing, saying that the situation there reminds her of Iowa. [The Plain Dealer]

Greg Meeks and Ed Towns, both of whom represent districts in which Obama won a majority of the popular vote, have no intention of doing what John Lewis is doing. [The Caucus]

Jeff Greenfield thinks the Clintons may be playing an elaborate expectations game in Wisconsin. [Slate]

Here’s how Barack Obama can win Texas, by the numbers. [Burnt Orange Report]

If the Council passes a law requiring electronics recycling, the mayor won’t enforce it. [City Room]

Lobbyist Patricia Lynch is raising money for Eliot Spitzer. [Daily Politics]

SEIU will spend money for Obama. [Ben again]

Chris Matthews says the Clintons always do well under pressure. [Chris Matthews]

Greg Sargent thinks the Clinton campaign’s response to David Shuster was over the top, but doesn’t think that Chris Matthews ought to be the one saying so. [The Horse’s Mouth]

An Australian newspaper, no slave to the American news cycle, does a will-he-or-won’t-he story about Michael Bloomberg. [Herald Sun]

James Tedisco knows how much your family owes the state. [James Tedisco]

Former Representative Robert Roe of New Jersey, who once got into an accident while driving drunk, has asked the New Jersey legislature to repeal a law naming a stretch of highway after him. [The Record]

Mike Tomasky is tired of the not-new-anymore idea that Obama supporters are cultish, and suggests that the candidate wade into the Sea of Galilee to demonstrate that he is not, in fact, Jesus. [The Guardian]

Christian Rocca declares March 4 to be the expiration date of Clintonism. [Il Foglio]

A mommy blogger’s post about Hillary Clinton is getting massive traction online. [techPresident]

New York is among the cities using a web site to help people anonymously inform their sexual partners about STDs they may have contracted. [Reuters]

“Best pro-Hillary video ever.” [The Volokh Conspiracy]

Doree needs a dog-sitter for next weekend. [Doree Shafrir’s Tumblr page]

And pictured above is Chuck Schumer in a Chinese New Year parade. [Baysideben’s flickr page]

Elsewhere: Council 1.0, Anti-Anti-Obamamania, Pro-Hillary Video, Chuck