Elsewhere: Exit Polls, Barred Delegates, 'Smoke and Mirrors'

Preliminary exit poll data is now available for the Maryland and Virginia primaries.

N.A.A.C.P. Chair Julian Bond wants Florida and Michigan delegates seated.

The D.N.C. puts out a video attacking John McCain on Iraq with his own words.

Larry Norden at ReformNY explains why Forest City Ratner’s $58,000 political donation did not violate campaign finance law.

Anecdotal evidence, at least, points to huge Democratic turnout in Virginia.

Viola Plummer’s lawsuit against Quinn is on hold.

Sheldon Silver says of talks to reach a deal on N.Y.R.A.: “We are closer than we were yesterday.”

Joshua Green tries to give some clarity to the departure of Patti Solis Doyle.

Bill Clinton says that a president must have “the right vision, the right plans and ability to get the job done” because the rest is “smoke and mirrors.”

Ben doesn’t think that anyone is really going to care about the Washington primary results.

The Wonkster notes Christine Quinn’s exit song after her speech today was the theme from Working Girl.

In the comments section, The Intern is tired of Bloomberg-for-president and says the mayor’s stealth candidacy "hasn’t influenced the debate *at all*.”

The Center for Justice and Democracy has a new blog called The Pop Tort.

Henry J. Stern is not a fan of Spitzer’s tax on illegal drugs, and suggests it should be called “the crack-pot tax.”

The Mike Huckabee press van ran out of gas.

Henry Kissinger meets the bloggers.

And pictured above is Christine Quinn’s speech writer, Dan Gerstein. According to Azi’s calculations, he made about $2.26 per word for today’s State of the City.

Elsewhere: Exit Polls, Barred Delegates, 'Smoke and Mirrors'