Elsewhere: G.O.P. Unity, Fund-Raising Race

Chuck Hagel thinks the rise of John McCain essentially closes the window on Michael Bloomberg’s presidential run.

Tom Reynolds writes a letter to G.O.P. lawmakers asking them to ”unite behind our candidate now.”

Hillary Clinton: “Yes, we can!”

The Public Integrity Committee wants more documents on Joe Bruno’s travels.

According to Buffalo Pundit, Jon “Powers now holds the endorsement of the majority of the counties in his district.”

Hillary Clinton, gay icon.

The Clinton campaign is taking MSNBC to war over comments by a host about Chelsea.

George W. Bush still isn’t endorsing, but he is encouraging the party to come together.

The Clinton campaign continues to raise money.

A diarist at Daily Kos explains a few reasons why Howard Dean wants to avoid a brokered convention and get a nominee by March or April, as Dean said yesterday.

Michael Tomasky says fiscal conservatives are “up a tree” now that Mitt Romney is out.

The Wonkster reports a piece of little-noted news: New York State has chosen its new voting machine—the ES&S AutoMARK.

The complete list of superdelegates who have not endorsed is here.

Barack Obama has a formidable lead in Virginia.

Clinton leads Obama nationally, says a new Time poll, but Obama would beat John McCain in a general election, while Clinton and McCain would be a draw.

The Obama campaign is advertising that “electibility” in a new memo.

Clinton is up in Wisonsin.

Marty Markowitz steps up for the New York Aquarium.

Christie Whitman explains why her daughter should be elected to Congress on Katie’s own merits.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that two million calls by the Clinton campaign impacted her California victory.

Conservative leader David Keene hopes McCain will not pick Mike Huckabee for V.P.

A superdelegate from New Jersey defects from Clinton camp.

In the comments section, politiquer says, "Term limits turned Councilmembers into mad fundraising dogs."

Huckabee Lane runs right down the border between George and Tennessee.

And above is a video of Michael Bloomberg engaging in an unintentionally funny exchange with a reporter.

Elsewhere: G.O.P. Unity, Fund-Raising Race