Elsewhere: McCain's Funding, Dems' Superdelegate Status

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both criticize Robert Gates’ recent comments about troops in Iraq.

John McCain officially rejects public funds for the primary.

Nydia Velasquez, Clinton superdelegate, says she won’t switch candidates.

Obama’s campaign manager says superdelegates should “act as, sort of, a party elder.”

Clinton leads Obama in Rhode Island 36-28.

In a hypothetical general election with McCain, Obama defeats him while Clinton and McCain are statistically tied. Clinton leads Obama 46-41 nationally, according to the same poll.

Sigourney Weaver is going to introduce Scott Stringer before his State of the Borough speech tonight.

Noam Schieber writes of the John Edwards’ endorsement: “Bottom line: It sounds like Edwards could really go either way, or neither.”

A conservative activist and former Mitt Romney supporter goes to Mike Huckabee.

Westchester Legislator George Oros will run against John Hall.

State Senate Minority Leader Malcom Smith called a close-door meeting today to tell his fellow Democrats to keep quiet.

The Brooklyn Optimist has had enough of the Clinton-bashing.

Obama leads Clinton by a wide margin in both Maryland and Virginia.

State Senator Jim Seward wants George W. Bush to help him save the Hall of Fame Game in Cooperstown.

Fidel Castro is unhappy with John McCain, which will probably only help the Senator. Elsewhere: McCain's Funding, Dems' Superdelegate Status