Elsewhere: P.A.C.s, S.E.I.U., C.F.B.

Speeches don’t fill up your tank, or fill your prescription, or do anything about that stack of bills that keeps you up at night," says Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama has given $694,000 to superdelegates through his PAC; Clinton has given $195,500 to them through hers.

S.E.I.U. is set to endorse Obama.

Eliot Brown reports that the state Senate is now planning hearings on the renovation of the Javits Convention Center and land sale of adjacent property.

The AP interviews Obama’s sister, who still lives in Hawaii.

David Paterson gets his D.N.A. read.

The Campaign Finance Board penalizes three 2005 campaigns.

Ana Marie Cox analyzes John McCain’s vote against the Democrats’ torture proposal, and the reaction to it.

Ron Paul’s son is profiled by the newspaper of Western Kentucky University.

On the war, Michael Crowley writes, "Many of the Clintons’ specific attacks on Obama are unfair distortions." [via Matthew Yglesias]

Clinton apologizes to the girlfriend of a reporter covering the race.

Mark Penn and Barack Obama are connected to the same nuclear firm.

Eliot Spitzer told lawmakers in D.C. that bond insurers have about five days to prevent a downgrading in their credit.

Here’s more on Bloomberg vs. the City Council on e-waste.

Marc Humbert unretires.

In the comments section, CityIslandCop doesn’t think much of Carl McCall’s credentials in the finance world, writing, "Isn’t Carl McCall the same guy who signed off on Dick Grasso’s $250 million NYSE compensation package?" [Ed. note: More or less–McCall was chairman of the N.Y.S.E. compensation committee when Grasso, the chairman of the Exchange, was given a $140 million lump sum in addition to $2.5 million annually upon his departure.]

Charles Barron blogs against superdelegates.

Mitt Romney’s endorsement of McCain gives the Senator enough delegates to win the nomination.

The Economist thinks “independent voters have been marginalised over the past decade.”

Part of PlaNYC includes making lots of little parks, and they are starting to show up.

The NYC Condom ad uses an image of Toronto’s Flatiron building.

Will Heinrich sees Chuck Schumer say Gung Hey Fat Choy.

For Bloomberg’s birthday, readers suggest getting him "a Huckabee-Edwards General Election," "a map of the outer boroughs," "[a] pigs foot and a bottle of beer," and more.

And pictured above is the mayor receiving a combined Valentine’s Day-Birthday card from city children.

Elsewhere: P.A.C.s, S.E.I.U., C.F.B.