Elsewhere: Rangel's Angry Constituents, McCain's Defense, Gennaro's Wii

A lengthy piece in the New York Review of Books about Barack Obama includes an anecdote about Harlem residents venting their anger at Charlie Rangel and others for not endorsing Barack Obama .

Clinton’s campaign is telling jittery donors that internal polling shows her doing well in Ohio and Texas.

Clinton is losing support among superdelegates.

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson makes a lot more money than Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs.

Ronald Martin thinks Clinton should focus on the economy.

Obama’s has a young campaign lawyer.

Michael Isikoff sees an inconsistency in John McCain’s defense.

The League of Conservation Voters thinks McCain’s record on the environment is remarkably weak.

The real winner of the race between Darrel Aubertine and Will Barclay are the hotel owners in Oswego, who are doing brisk business.

Sally Goldenberg has more on Bloomberg’s remarks about the Board of Elections.

To fight gentrification in Harlem, a pastor there wants people to stop paying rent and boycott the stores (except his own).

Liz has more on Richard Daines’ crackdown on smoking.

Aaron Naparstek finds numbers for citywide ferry service.

The Dolan family throws new doubts on the plans for the Moynihan Station expansion, reports Eliot Brown [added].

And pictured above is Jim Gennaro and a constituent participating in a Nintendo Wii Bowling Tournament.

Elsewhere: Rangel's Angry Constituents, McCain's Defense, Gennaro's Wii