Elsewhere: Voting Problems, Robo-Calls, Last-Minute Endorsements

John McCain says his critics Senator Thad Cochran and former Senator Rick Santorum “are not the most respected members of the United States Senate.”

Barack Obama wins 75 of 100 votes from expatriate Americans living in Indonesia.

It was close, but in the end I went for Obama,” said Barack Obama after voting in Chicago.

Jim Tedisco gets two pro-Hillary Clinton robo-calls.

The Westchester Election Commissioner says of today, “It is not smooth sailing.”

The Gowanus Lounge has a reader report of voting problems in Park Slope.

James Dobson criticizes McCain, again.

Voting machine problems in New Jersey delayed Jon Corzine’s vote.

And one machine in Hoboken wasn’t recording votes.

50 Cent endorses Clinton.

Obama’s grandmother, in Kenya, waits for returns.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says of his wife’s party affiliation, “That’s her sickness.”

Jonathan Alter’s unscientific door-to-door survey finds people in one California suburb often breaking with their ethnic and gender identities.

American Apparel’s political endorsements may not be totally in compliance with campaign finance law.

Mike Huckabee attacks Barack Obama in an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post.

Colin Delany at techPresident takes a look at what the campaigns’ websites are doing today.

Liz writes, “Spitzer’s own political ambitions – back before Troopergate he was widely viewed as harboring a not-so-well-hidden desire to run for president himself – will be severely curtailed by having a fellow Democrat in the White House.”

And pictured above is a polling station in West Hollywood, California, empty at about 10 a.m. According to reader and native New Yorker Rowan Riley, who sent the picture, the L.A. voting scene is “very laid back and dog-friendly.”

Elsewhere: Voting Problems, Robo-Calls, Last-Minute Endorsements