A fun, tricky Valentine video

Whether you see Valentine’s Day as a chance to shower a loved one in gifts or a good excuse to order an extra-dry gin martini, you’re probably going to think (or wince) about love at some point today. So watching Chris Vincze’s graceful and very clever short film EVOL is a great way to treat yourself to a lighthearted take on the subject du jour.

To shoot EVOL, Vincze had his two leads, a mopey man and a sweetly bookish woman in the middle of busy London, perform all of their actions backward. Then he reversed the film in postproduction — showing us a couple who find each other because they’re out of sync with everyone else. The technique fits the film’s story perfectly: It’s magical, unashamedly corny, a little disorienting, and constantly surprising. Which, in our experience, is pretty much like falling in love.


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A fun, tricky Valentine video