Fashion Week Dregs: The Lauren Conrad Collection

The grass at Bryant Park isn’t even cold yet, but the folks behind last week’s midtown mayhem have already started seducing coverage for their next runway romp. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios will take place from March 9-13. Confirmed designers, as of today, include: Kelly Nishimoto, Kevan Hall, Octavio Carlin, Maggie Barry and Xubaz, Lauren Conrad, The Gallery, Whitley Kros and Monarchy Collection.

Wait! The Lauren Conrad (a.k.a. L.C.) of The Hills fame?

Affirmative. Ms. Conrad, 22, will be showing off the latest designs from her collection, which, according to her official Web site, went on sale in boutiques around the country last Wednesday. (In New York, J. Bella on Bleeker and Wink NYC Inc. on Washington, sling her wares.) Of course, interested fans can also order her threads—like, say, the Nicole Skirt, an $85 high-waisted black number—from her online shopping emporium. In addition to the Nicole, she designed an Audrina Dress (white, spaghetti straps, short); the Whitney Dress (rust-colored, thicker shoulder straps, kind of hid); and the Jillian Dress (chocolate-colored, arm slits, billowy). Hard as we tried, a Heidi Hazmat Suit was nowhere to be found … Fashion Week Dregs: The Lauren Conrad Collection