Five-Borough Quinn

In a speech that will inevitably be viewed through the lens of her mayoral ambitions, Christine Quinn has embarked on a State of the City address touching on her ability, as Council Speaker, to get involved in parts of the city outside her home borough of Manhattan. “Instead of governing from City Hall, we’ve gotten knee-deep in our neighborhoods,” she said.

(Her father Larry had introduced her moments earlier by saying that his goal was to be a “five-borough father of the Speaker before I’m term-limited.”)

Quinn also said that she sided with Michael Bloomberg and opposed Eliot Spitzer on the issue of selling the property next to the Javits convention center, saying she would “fight any short-sighted attempt to sell the two adjacent properties” by the building. Bloomberg had signaled his opposition to the plan weeks earlier.

Tucked between the television cameras in the back of the City Council chambers is Dan Gerstein, the consultant who worked for Joe Lieberman’s reelection campaign and who was paid $12,000 to write Quinn’s speech.

UPDATE: Before leaving the Council chambers, I asked Gerstein how he thought the speech went. “I thought it went over great,” he said.

Five-Borough Quinn