Foster Challenges 'Polarizing' Hispanic Machine in the Bronx

Helen Foster, who is contemplating a run for Bronx Borough President, said the last two people who have held that job have divided the borough’s black and Puerto Rican communities.

A story in the Riverdale Review (still not online!) this week quoted Foster’s father, the former Councilman in the area, at a February 7 meeting saying, “The last two borough presidents we’ve had were not and are not sympathetic to the black community.”

Helen Foster, who was at the meeting, defended the remarks. She told me in an interview yesterday afternoon, “In terms of Freddy Ferrer and Adolfo Carrion, I don’t think those statements need further explaining. It is what it is.”

She continued, “I think they have furthered the polarization between the black and Puerto Rican community in Bronx County.”


“I think where you need to look is look in his office, and see who is hired and who is working on projects and see the projects he’s endorsed,” she said.

The Riverdale Review article had also quoted Foster saying, “Queens is the last plantation, and I’m not talking about the residents, I’m talking about the elected officials.”

That would be a reference to Queens Democratic County Leader Joe Crowley.

When asked about the comment, she told me, “I’m not limiting it to Joe Crowley. What I’m saying is it is a stronghold for people that are into County organizations and it’s an example to look to where the County leader controls how people vote, controls everything.”

UPDATE: When asked for comment, Ferrer emailed to say, “How very sad.” Foster Challenges 'Polarizing' Hispanic Machine in the Bronx