Fred Thompson, John Glenn, Ed Rendell

Barack Obama says Virginia Governor Tim Kaine is on his “short list.” [CNN]

Former astronaut and senator John Glenn will endorse Hillary Clinton. [Political Radar]

Fred Thompson endorses John McCain. [The Trail]

Clinton has a new ad in Wisconsin, where Obama is also on the air. [Spin Cycle]

Obama has a Spanish language radio ad up in Texas. [The Page]

N.Y.R.A. workers protest in Albany today. [Politics on the Hudson]

Ed Rendell supposedly said in an editorial meeting with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate." [TPM

A former Pataki aide will pay a $15,000 fine. [Liz]

Assemblyman David Gantt was arrested after refusing to leave the legislative chambers. [Capitol Confidential]

Scarlett Johansson stumps for Barack Obama, with a Midwestern accent. [Daily Transom]

Fred Thompson, John Glenn, Ed Rendell