Gioia's Donor-Fueled Carbon Neutrality

Eric Gioia’s 2009 campaign seems to have broken new ground this week in announcing it was going carbon neutral.

It’s a trend I imagine a number of other candidates running later this year, and next, will follow.

One process-y detail that interests me: along with a pledge to use energy efficient bulbs and hybrid vehicles, Gioia’s plan calls for buying carbon “credits” to offset any environmental impact campaigning will cause. But to buy those credits, he’ll be using campaign funds.

There’s nothing to suggest this would be problematic or in any way improper, but it is unprecedented around here, at least as far as I know.

A spokesman for the city Campaign Finance Board said a ruling on whether it is appropriate to use campaign money to buy carbon credits has not been requested.

Gioia's Donor-Fueled Carbon Neutrality