Goore wins appeal

Former Attorney General Zulima Farber’s boyfriend won an appeal today, getting out of a $500 fine and community service for failing to show up to a court date.

Hamlet Goore had failed to attend the start date of his trial for driving with a suspended license, assigned by a municipal judge in 2006. Instead, Goore went on a pre-paid vacation to Mexico.

The court date was related to an infamous May, 2006 traffic stop in Fairview, where Moore was charged with driving with a suspended license and having an out-of-date registration. The license, which was suspended due to an unpaid parking ticket that Goore had taken care of before the traffic stop, was retroactively reinstated and the charge was dropped.

That traffic stop led ultimately to the resignation of Farber, however, for showing up to the scene in a state car and allegedly interceding on his behalf to drop the tickets and stop his car from being impounded.

The Superior Court ruled that, since his lawyer was present, Farber’s failure to appear did not inconvenience the state or cost anything, which was the rule the municipal judge cited in punishing him. Goore’s failure to appear would have accurately been labeled as contempt, the court ruled, and was “especially egregious because defendant is a member of the bar. ” But the original judge did not cite contempt against Goore.

Goore wins appeal